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Installation Instructions for 635590 & 635595 Universal Brake Line Kit

WARNING: It is the responsibility of the person installing any brake component or kit to determine the suitability of the component or kit for that particular application. If you are not sure how to safely use this brake component or kit, you should not install or use it. Do not assume anything. Improperly installed or maintained brakes are dangerous. If you are not sure, get help or return the product. You may obtain additional information and technical support by calling JEGS. Use of JEGS technical support does not guarantee proper installation.You or the person who does the installation must know how to properly use this product. It is not possible over the phone to understand or foresee all the issues that might arise in your installation. Racing equipment and brakes must be maintained and should be checked regularly for fatigue, damage, and wear.

WARNING: This kit is designed for use in custom brake systems on street, performance, racing, and other special purpose vehicles. It is not intended as a direct replacement for any OEM application. The flexible brake hoses included with this kit are DOT approved.These kits include the most common parts needed to install new 3/16” brake lines on your vehicle. Each vehicle is different, and the drawings shown below are examples only since every vehicle may be different.Use 555-635590 (3-Line Kit) on vehicles that only need three flexible brake hoses (most vehicles with a traditional rear axle and drum brakes). This kit will also work on vehicles that have a traditional rear axle and rear disc brakes w/ fixed calipers (the caliper doesn’t move as the brake pads wear – no flexible brake hose between the rear axle and the rear brake caliper). Most 2 or 4 piston racing style rear calipers are fixed and don’t need the flexible brake hose to allow movement of the caliper as the brake pads wear.Use 555-635595 (4-Line Kit) on vehicles that need four flexible brake hoses w/ independent rear suspension, or have floating rear calipers (flexible brake hose at the rear caliper to allow slight movement of the caliper as the brake pads wear). Most single piston OEM style rear calipers are floating and need the flex line to so they can move slightly as the brake pads wear.

Note: The fittings and steel hard lines included in this kit are for use with 45 degree double inverted flare style ends.Use only 45 degree double flaring tools to form the flares at the ends of each hard line. Use a flaring tool 555-80087,tubing bender 555-80086, and tubing cutter 555-80085 (or comparable tools). Do not use a 37 degree flaring tool since that tool is for use with AN style fittings. 3-Line 4-Line 635590 635595(A) (1) (1) 25’ coil of 3/16” steel brake line(B) (2) (4) DOT Approved Front Brake Lines AN-3 Straight to 3/8”-24 IFF Swivel 18” Long(F) (1) - DOT Approved Rear Brake Line 3/8”-24 IFF Swivel to 3/8”-24 IFF “T”(C) (3) (4) brake line weld tabs(D) (3) (4) brake line clips(E) (1) (2) 3/8”-24 inverted flare female tees(G) (2) (2) 1/8” NPT to 3/8”-24 inverted flare female fittings(H) (2) (2) 9/16”-18 Tube Nuts(I) (2) (2) ½”-20 Tube Nuts(J) (2) (2) 7/16”-24 Tube Nuts(K) (20) (20) 3/8”-24 Tube Nuts

The letters shown above are shown on the attached drawing.

WARNING TO ALL USERS: Do not attempt to race or operate any vehicle without a full test and inspection of the brake system. Bleed the system and check all fluid connections for leaks. Test the brakes under controlled conditions. Make several stops in a safe area from low speeds and gradually work up to operating speeds. Always utilize safety restraint systems and all other appropriate or required safety equipment during testing.

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May 10, 2018
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