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Installation Instructions for 555-51135, 51136 & 51137

Overflow / Recirculating Can with the JEGS “Just-A-Ble” Integral Mounting System

The JEGS “Just-Able” mounting system is extremely easy to use.

1. Simply drill two 1/4” holes with clearance. Use a letter “F” drill bit (.2570”) or 17/64 drill bit (.2656”) in your selected mounting position. Do not drill the mounting holes closer than 1” centers or further apart than 5” enters or if you prefer we offer an optional mounting T-Bracket designed for this JEGS “product” as shown in Figure 1: # 555-51133 Clear Anodized, # 555-51134 Polished or #555-51148 Black Powder Coat.

2. Place one each of the stainless steel lock and flat washers onto the stainless steel bolt and insert the assembly through the drilled hole. Start a stainless steel nut onto the bolt and repeat for the second mounting hole.

3a. To utilize as an overflow tank, install the 90º threaded hose fitting in the top which will be attached to the radiator overflow hose in step 6. Also install the drain petcock in the bottom of the tank prior to mounting. DO NOT install the #10-32 fastener in the top of the tank, this acts as an air vent.

3b. To utilize as a recirculating tank, install the 90º threaded hose fitting in the bottom which will be attached to the radiator overflow in step 6. Install the breather vent or the extra 90º elbow in the top position of the tank prior to mounting. Install the #10-32 fastener into the top of the tank. The drain petcock will not be used in this configuration.

4. Slide the overflow/recirculating can’s mounting slot over the exposed nuts (Suggestion: spray a light coating of silicone or equivalent product on the surface of the nut or bolt head to aid in the installation) and position the overflow / recirculating can in the desired location and tighten the bolts.

5. Optional: You can also mount the bolts in the reverse direction with the head of the bolt in the “Just-Able” slot.

6. Attach the radiator overflow hose to the 90º hose fitting.

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May 10, 2018
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