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Installation Instructions for 64500 Upper & Lower Control Arms 1979-2004 Mustang, Does not fit Cobra with IRS

Installation Instructions: (Read Carefully Before Starting Project)

NOTE: On 1999-2004 vehicles the bushing sleeves need pressed out and replaced with the smaller diameter ones included with this kit. NOTE: The two shorter bushing go into the upper control arms.

Lower Trailing Arms Removal & Installation:

1. With front wheels securely blocked, raise rear of vehicle to an adequate working height. Support chassis securely with jack stands.

2. Support differential slightly with floor jack.

3. Remove rear wheels then remove bolts that retain shock lower shock absorber mounts. NOTE: if you are still running the factory Quadra-Shock set up, remove then at this point by loosening nuts on frame mounts and pull from pivot.

4. Slowly lower differential as low as possible. (Be careful not to over extend factory rubber brake lines) This will allow rear springs to be easily removed – NOTE: SPRING ROTATION AS THEY WILL NEED TO BE REINSTALLED “CLOCKED” AT THE SAME ROTATION.

5. Unbolt and remove rear sway bar.

6. Working on one side at a time, remove the trailing arm pivot bolts. Front pivot bolts have limited clearance between the muffler and frame rail. The easiest way to get to these bolts is the remove the cat-back exhaust from its hanger. Then, a ratchet and deep socket can easily be used to remove front bolts.

7. Remove old trailing arms.

8. Install new lower trailing arms by reversing steps 2 through 7 – do this on both sides. For easiest results we recommend you do one side at a time.

Helpful Hints:

Clean the surfaces of the pivot points and check to make sure there is no rough edges that may tear into the new bushings.

Torque mounting bolts to 65 ft/lbs.

Removal of Stock Upper Trailing Arms:

1. While car is still on jack stands, allow the rear end to hang as far down as possible. Like before, for best results do one side at a time.

2. Remove front and rear upper control arm bolts.

3. Lubricate faces of bushings on new trailing arms and re-install.

4. Do not forget to re-install Quadra-shocks if you desire (we recommend you leave them off for optimum traction performance).

5. After driving for 30 miles it is a good idea to check all nuts and bolts to confirm they are properly tightened.

Helpful Hints:

Torque mounting bolts to 65 ft/lbs.

Check for warn out brake lines and replace if necessary.

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May 10, 2018
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