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Customer q:

I just bought 2 new D06 28x10-15 Hoosier Slicks from you and wanted to update my tire size in my tuning software. I measured the circumference of the new tires making a mark on the bottom dead center of the tire and on the ground, then rolled it 1 revolution and made a mark on the ground again. For some reason i did it on both new tires and found out one tire is bigger then the other (on the truck same psi):

86.5/3.146= 27.49
85.93/3.146= 27.31

Is the difference normal?


ac = Yes

drivewheel = 2WD

engine = 6.0

fuel = EFI

make = Chevy

model = Silverado

pwrbrk = Yes

pwrstr = Yes

trans = Automatic

year = 2005


Yes the difference is normal.

We also make sure we ship out a pair to be within 1/2" which yours are at only .18 difference.

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Posted on
March 26, 2018

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