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Installation Instructions for 70019 Mounting Hardware for 3-Point Seat Belts

WARNING! Proper installation of your seat belts is essential for your safety and the safety of others. Seatbelt installation should be performed ONLY by persons experienced in the installation and proper operation of these systems. It is the responsibility of the person installing any safety component or kit to determine the suitability of thecomponent or kit for the particular application.

DO NOT attach this seat belt to a seat assembly, attach only to metal areas of the vehicles body.

WARNING! Check for any kind of interference from brake lines, wiring, exhaust or any other obstructions beforedrilling. Examine the body/floor pan for rust and corrosion; reinforce area around holes before installing the hardware.

Mounting Instructions:

a. If the vehicle is equipped with pre-threaded seatbelt fastening holes and the seat is mounted in the original location. Attach the angle brackets & seat belts to the OEM mounting points.

b. If the vehicle is not equipped with stock OEM seat belt mounting holes, slide the seat back as far as possible,position the holes about 2” rearward of the back edge of the seat and about 15” to 25” apart (see Figure 1). Drill holes through the floor pan; attach the angle brackets to the floor as shown in Figure 1. Be sure to mount thereinforcement washer and lock washer on the underside of the floor, tighten the mounting bolt and nut while aligning the angle bracket to its desired direction.

c. Use the OEM upper mounting point on 3-point belt system (if possible). In applications without an OEM uppermounting plate, attached the mounting plate & pivot bolt (see figure 2) to a suitable structure that is at least as strong as an OEM mounting location (B-Pillar rearward & to the side of the seat). The upper mounting plate must be attached to an appropriate structure that is very strong & suitable for use in this application. The upper mounting plate is not suitable for use in convertibles or other vehicles w/o the appropriate support to hold the mounting plate.

Check seat belt webbing, mounting and buckles periodically to insure safety.

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May 10, 2018
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