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Installation Instructions for 65045 Wheel/Tire Drill Gauge Kit

General Information

This kit contains one drill bit and a pre-measured distance-marking scribe tool for drilling holes in your wheel for securing your tire to your rim. No expensive discus or template is needed. After marking and drilling your first hole, this tool allows for an easy, step-and-repeat measuring/marking method for accurately drilling 16 holes per side on a 15” rim.


1. Locate and mark the first hole location. Be sure to center the hole on the flat part of the lip to allow enough clearance for the head of the screw as well as the thread of the screw to the inside of the rim.

2. Center punch on the scribed mark prior to drilling.

3. Drill the first hole with the supplied drill bit.

4. Insert the long leg of the gauge into the drilled hole.

5. Scribe the wheel lip for the location of the next hole.6. Center punch on the scribed mark prior to drilling.

7. Drill and repeat until you have 16 holes on one side.

8. Use JEG'S Tire Screw Kit 555-65040 to complete the installation of one wheel. Use one of the screws to tap all of the holes and discard after use. 3 extra screws are supplied in the kit for this purpose.

9. Repeat on the opposite side of the wheel making sure to align the first hole directly opposite to one hole from the first side. This will insure that the tire wrinkles and uncoils evenly for maximum traction and performance.

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May 10, 2018
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