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Installation Instructions for 65039 Digital Tire Gauge


The gauge is a precision electronic instrument and from time to time, it is advisable to check the zero setting:Briefly press the gauge on the tire valve. It is not necessary for a good connection to be made. Only a small amount of air must enter the gauge to aero the unit. Promptly remove gauge from valve stem when display shows “00.0”. Your Accutire gauge has now been recalibrated.

Measuring Tire Pressure:

Align the nozzle of the tire gauge with the valve stem on your tire. Apply sufficient force to engage the nozzle with the stem, while maintaining a proper pressure seal. As you engage the tire gauge to the valve stem, a sudden surge of air will create a crisp sound. Listen for any leaks, and press firmly on the valve stem to obtain a good seal.When pressure is applied to the unit, the display will first flash an all segments test, then display the actual pressure. Hold the tire gauge on the valve stem unit reading appears on the display and locks. After reading has locked on the display, remove the tire gauge from the valve stem. The display will remain illuminated with the pressure reading for 10 seconds. At the end of this time period, the gauge will automatically re-zero itself and display “0”. The unit is now ready to measure pressure again. If no additional readings are made, the unit will automatically turn off after a 10-second time period.

Tread Depth Measurement :

1. Set the slider to zero

2. Hold the gauge flat against the tread to be measured, and push the slider until it meets resistance.

3. Remove the gauge and read the tread depth indicated by the slider.


Always be sure to follow the tire manufacture’s pressure ratings which are based on “cool” tire temperatures.use a soft damp cloth to clean your tire gauge. Do not use any liquids or cleaners.


Range: 5-99 PSI

Operating Temperature: 0-100 deg. F (-18 to 33°C)

Accuracy: +/- 1% +0.5

Power: Permanent Lithium Coin Cell

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May 10, 2018
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