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Installation Instructions:


  1. Press ON/OFF button.
  2. If upon turning the gauge on, a false reading occurs, due to fluctuations in temperature or atmospheric conditions during shipping or other transportation, press and hold the ON/OFF button until four zero’s are displayed.
  3. Release the on/off button and 0.0 will appear.
  4. The gauge is re-set.

GAUGE UNITS: (Lighted gauge only)

  1. Press ON/OFF button
  2. Pressing and holding the ‘LIGHT’ button longer than three seconds will scroll through four different units of measure: PSI (pressure per square inch), BAR (atmospheric pressure), KG/CM2 ( kilogram-force per square centimeter) & kPa (kilopascal).
  3. When the desired units are displayed, release the ‘LIGHT’ button.

WARNING: (All Gauges)

Be careful when and if it becomes necessary to remove the hose from the gauge. Be sure to use a wrench on the coupling as well as the hose. Do not allow the fitting on the bottom of the gauge (brass) to rotate during removal as damage to the internals may occur.

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May 10, 2018
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