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  1. Push nozzle of Accutire on the tire valve. Make sure a good seal is made between the nozzle and valve stem so that no hissing sound of escaping air is heard.
  2. Hold gauge on valve stem until the reading locks on the display.
  3. Promptly remove gauge from valve stem and read pressure. You may continue to use the gauge even though the previous reading is still displayed by following the instructions above. Note: The gauge will shut off automatically.


The gauge is a precision electronic instrument and from time to time, it is advisable to check the zero setting especially at extreme hot or cold temperatures. To check the zero setting: Briefly press the gauge onto the tire valve. It is not necessary for a good seal to be made. Only a small amount of air must enter the gauge to zero set the unit. Promptly remove gauge from valve stem when display shows “00.0”. You’re Accutire has now been recalibrated.

Replacing the Batteries :

To replace the batteries, unscrew the battery cover and remove the old batteries. Insert new batteries (MaxellLR44 or equivalent), being careful to observe the correct polarity.
Replace the battery compartment cover and screw tightly.


  1. You do not get any reading at all (either blank display or all zeros).See the instructions and follow them carefully. If gauge still does not work, see Warranty and Service section.
  2. You observe “L” on the display .The power supply has been depleted. Return to factory free replacement.See Warranty and Service.
  3. You observe an unusually high or low reading. Make sure no sound of escaping air is heard, as in Step 1 of the instructions. Also, make sure you are checking the pressure on cool tires which have not been driven on for several hours.


  • Always be sure to follow tire manufactures recommended tire pressure ratings which are based on cool tire temperatures.
  • The electronic module and power cell are factory sealed in the unit. There are no user serviceable parts.
  • To clean the gauge, use a soft damp cloth. Do not immerse in, or spray with water or other liquid cleaner.


Range: 5-150 PSI

Operating Temperature: 0-100 deg. F (-18 to 33°C)

Accuracy: +/- 1% +0.5

Power: Replaceable Lithium LR44 1.5V Coin Cell (3)

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May 10, 2018
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