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Installation Instructions for 64830 & 64832 Parachute Mount Installation Instructions:

1. First determine the Crossmember location. The Crossmember is typically installed between the rear frame rails.Do not mount the Anchor Tube to sheet metal. The Anchor Tube should be welded to the Crossmember. A hole may have to be drilled in the rear body panel for the Anchor Tube to pass through. This is accomplished by first sliding the Anchor Tube into position and marking the Anchor Tube 4” away from the rear body panel.Then, cut the Anchor Tube where marked, allowing enough distance between the body and the Anchor Bracket for welding the Parachute Pack Mount Tube.

2. Tack weld the Anchor Tube to the chassis Crossmember.

3. Next determine the Parachute Pack Mount location. Once determined notch and tack weld the Parachute Pack Mount Tube to the Anchor Tube.

4. Once completed, cut the Parachute Pack Mount Upright tube to the correct height and tack weld the Parachute Pack Mount Plate into place. With the supplied quick release pin, fasten the Parachute Pack Mount Upright tube to the Parachute Pack Mount Tube.

5. If all are in desired locations, remove the Parachute Pack Mount Upright from the Parachute Pack Mount Tube.Now finish welding all parts of the Parachute Mounting kit.

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May 10, 2018
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