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Installation Instructions for 4-Link Suspension Kit

NOTE: This kit contains Chrome Moly components that require assembly using the GTAW (TIG) welding process. The brackets in this kit may be GMAW (MIG) welded. Proper installation requires the removal of the housing ends.

  1. First determine the location of the front chassis bracket. Make a template of the bracket by tracing it onto cardboard. Trim the template to fit under the chassis tube. When you are satisfied with the fit, trim the four front chassis brackets to match the template.
  2. By tack welding the chassis brackets into place by using the spacers supplied with this kit. Bolt two of the spacers between the chassis brackets. Make sure that the bolts are tight to eliminate play between the brackets. Use a level to ensure that the brackets are tacked on a level and square to the chassis.
  3. Measure the distance between the front chassis brackets and use this dimension to determine the proper location of the axle bracket. Again please use two spacers between the axle brackets for proper alignment.Slide the axle brackets on to the axle tubes. Tack weld the brackets into place making sure that the front edge of the bracket is perpendicular to the pinion centerline. Always double check the bracket spacing before tack welding the axle bracket to the axle tubes. On some applications the I.D. of the axle bracket may need to be enlarged. We recommend using a round file or a die grinder to complete this task.
  4. Remove the spacers from the chassis and the axle brackets. Position the axle under the vehicle. Make certain the pinion is the drivetrain centerline of the vehicle and that the axle tubes are square to the center line. With the axle in the desired wheel base position.
  5. Install the jam nuts onto the rod ends (not supplied). Thread them all the way up. Now thread the tube ends onto the rod ends half way up the treads and snug up the jam nuts. Now insert each rod end and tube end assembly into each end of the 4-link tubing. Trim the 4-link tube till you reach a 21” center-to-center measurement of the rod ends. Once achieved, remove your rod ends and tack weld the tube ends onto the 4-link tubing. On some applications the 21” dimension may not work. If this measurement is changed, all dimensions must be adjusted for the new length. Make sure all four tubes the same length to prevent binding.
  6. Install the bottom 4-link tube assemblies into the bottom chassis and axle bracket holes using the 5/8”hardware supplied.
  7. Install the top 4-link tube assemblies into the third hole down on the chassis and axle bracket holes using the5/8” hardware supplied.
  8. With all dimensions checked and in place. The lower 4-link tube assemblies should be in an upward angle from front to back.
  9. Remove the 4-link tube assemblies and insert the spacers into the chassis and axle tube brackets. Check the brackets for alignment and being square. Finish welding the chassis brackets to the chassis and the Axle brackets to the axle tubes. We recommend welding 1” at a time, switching back and forth between brackets to prevent distortion.
  10. Finish welding the tube ends to the 4-link tubes to complete the 4 link assemblies. We suggest a plug weld a1/2” from the end of the tube.
  11. Once welding is finished and cooling is complete. Remove the spacers from the chassis and axle brackets and install the 4-link assemblies and axle housings. Once those are installed you are ready to set up your 4-link.

NOTE: Always use anti-sieze compound on all threads when assembling the 4-links.

installation instructions
installation instructions

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May 10, 2018
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