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Installation Instructions for 4-Link Track Rod Kit

The track rod kit is used to locate the rear end housing laterally in the car. A track rod or some other lateral locator is necessary with a coil spring rear suspension. Also many leaf spring cars could benefit from installation of a track rod. Bolt the track rod brackets to the frame brackets and to the housing brackets with the same bolts that attaché the link ends to the brackets. The bolts must be installed with the bolt heads inside the “U” shaped track rod bracket and the nuts to the outside. The track rod itself is supplied oversized and has only one end welded to allow for fitting to almost any width frame. Trim the unwelded end of the track rod tube so that when the insert is welded in place and the rod assembled the suspension will be centered. This kit features left hand and right hand rod ends and jam nuts to facilitate easy adjustment without disassembly. Note: left hand tube end has groove around diameter.

If the suspension links are adjusted to another hole in the frame brackets or the housing brackets, the track rod bracket will be moved to that hole also.

Kit Includes:

(1) Semi-Finished Track Rod Tube
(1) 1/2” Threaded Tube End LH
(1) 1/2” Rod End RH
(1) 1/2” Rod End LH
(1) 1/2” Jam Nut RH
(1) 1/2” Jam Nut LH
(2) Spacers
(2) 1/2”-20 x 2” Bolts
(2) 1/2” Lock Nuts
(2) Bolt-On Brackets

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Posted on
May 10, 2018
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