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Installation Instructions for 64511, 64522, 64523, 64526 & 64528 JEGS GM Trailing (Control) Arms

These trailing arms are bolt on replacements for the stock rear suspension arms. These arms are adjustable and have metal bushings for maximum suspension control. Except for Camaro or Firebird applications, which have no upper arms, the JEGS lower control arms are compatible with the stock upper control arms or JEGS upper control arms are compatible with stock lower control arms or use JEGS upper and lower control arms.

The front of these control arms has ball type rod ends and three spacers for each control arm. The smallest diameter spacers fit inside of the rod ends and the larger ones go on each side of the ends. Use the stock bolts and nuts on each end.

Assemble the control arms and adjust the center to center length the same as stock for the alignment check. With the car body properly supported on stands remove the stock control arms, one at a time and replace with the new JEGS ones.

The final adjustment of the lower control arms should equalize the diagonal measurements as illustrated below. This check should be made with front tires on the shop floor and the rear housing supported on stands at the same height that it will be when it is assembled. Use a plumb bob to mark the shop floor at the center of the front of the car and at the center of each rear axle. Adjust the lower control arms so that these dimensions are equal. Do not be concerned about front wheel to rear wheel measurements. Also to be considered the tire clearance, driveshaft spline engagement,and minimum thread engagement of 3/4” in the control arm body. The upper control arms should be adjusted to equalize the engine angle and the pinion angle. There is no need to check the driveshaft angle. When the alignment is done tighten all bolts and nuts and jam nuts. Reassemble and test drive.

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May 10, 2018
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