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Installation Instructions for 64400 & 64405 Universal Traction Bars Installation


1. Raise rear of car high enough to easily work on rear springs.

CAUTION: Be sure to block front wheels and place safety jack stands under rear end.

2. Place Traction Bar under rear spring, as shown in the illustration. Center Traction Bar so all suspension components clear adequately (U-Bolts, shock mounts, etc.) and be sure Rubber Snubber is fastened securely.

3. Position U-Bolts over the spring and through the mounting brackets of each bar. Run the nuts up on the UBolts, using a lockwasher until they are just snug to the spring. Make sure spring is centered in the U-Bolts. Tighten all nuts securely.

4. Adjust Rubber Snubber by cutting top of snubber with a hacksaw to suit desired performance. Suggested adjustment is 1/2” from spring.

NOTE: When properly installed, snubber end of traction bar must angle up to be parallel with chassis. Use shims on the rear mounting bracket to adjust bar angle. Under no circumstance should vehicle be operated with snubber end angled down.

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May 10, 2018
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