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Installation Instructions for 64068 Motor Plate Strut Kit


(2) Chassis Tabs

(1) Block Mount Tube

(1) Strut Tube

(1) 7/16” Rod End

(1) 7/16”-20 x 1-1/2” Bolt

(1) 7/16”-20 Jam Nut

(1) 7/16”-20 Lock Nut

(2) 7/16” Washer

(1) Frame Rail Tube

(3) 3/8” Washers

(1) 3/8”-16 Jam Nut

(2) 3/8” Lock Nut

(4) 3/8” Washer

(2) 3/8”-16 x 2.5”

Bolt Installation Instructions:

1. First determine the mounting location the motor plate strut kit. Should be attached to one of the engine block bolt holes and mounted diagonally to the frame rail. (See Diagram)

2. Attach the Block Mount Tube to the engine block using one of the 3/8” Bolts that is supplied. 3. At this moment please decide if you will be using an Adjustable or Non-Adjustable Motor Plate Strut Kit. If you have decided to use it as an adjustable please locate the 2 chassis tabs with the 7/16” rod end between them using the 7/16” Bolt and Jam Nut. If using as a non-adjustable please locate the frame mount tube between the two chassis tabs using the 3/8” Bolt and Jam Nut.

4. Place the chassis tabs against the frame rail and angle the strut tube toward the side of the engine block tube. If there is no interference, mark the tube for trimming.

5. Once trimmed please reinstall the motor plate strut kit and check fit, if the fit is good, tack weld into place.

6. Unbolt the motor plate strut kit and finish the welds. Please use the chassis mounting tube or the rod end for squaring up the tabs.

7. Once finished welding please reinstall and check final fit.

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May 10, 2018
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