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Installation Instructions:

  1. Remove engine and transmission from the car.
  2. Bolt the mid-mount plate between the transmission bell housing and engine. Temporarily install the headers to make sure they don’t interfere with the mid-mount plate.

Note: Transmission crossmember location must be already determined and in place before installation of the mid-mount plate.

  1. Reinstall the engine and transmission in the car allowing the engine to sit on the stock mounts and the transmission to sit on the crossmember. Install motor mount and transmission bolts and nuts, but DO NOT tighten down either.
  2. Install the headers and driveshaft in the car.
  3. The engine may be moved to the right, left, or raised for additional header clearance. Make sure that the transmission mount is sitting on the crossmember and is not more than 1/2” to the right or left of being centered between the frame rails. Make sure to check for appropriate pinion angle for your application if the engine or transmission was raised or lowered.
  4. The mounting bracket location for the mid-mount plate may vary with each vehicle. Find a suitable bracket location, tack weld in place and check clearances. See Figure 1.
  5. Final welding should be finished before transfer drilling the holes from the plate to the mount.
  6. Automatic transmission equipped vehicles will require torque converter shim kit #555-82505.
GM LS Mid-Mount Plate illustration

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May 10, 2018
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