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Installation Instructions:

The weight bar can be mounted w/ weld-on tabs or using optional clamp-on mounts. Four weld-on tabs are included w/the weight bar package. Weld these on in the proper location to work on your vehicle. These should be welded by an experienced welder and must be high quality welds to ensure the weight bar is solidly mounted for safety reasons.

If you don’t want to weld on the brackets, you many want to use the optional clamp-on style mounts (part number 555-64812 - two clamps are recommended). Use good quality bolts to mount the weight bar. Check your racing rules regarding how the weight bar should be mounted, # of mounting bolts, and grade of bolts required. We recommend at least two Grade-8 Bolts to mount the weight bar.

Fill the weight bar w/ the desired amount of lead or steel shot. Shot is available from sporting good stores that sell hunting supplies. Lead shot will weigh more than steel shot and is less likely to corrode inside the weight bar. Use a funnel to fill the weight bar with shot.

Apply some anti-seize or other sealant to the threads on the plug for the weight bar. This will help to reduce corrosion inside the weight bar.

Part number, weight empty, weight filled

Note: The filled weight will be lower with steel shot since it isn’t as heavy as lead.

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May 10, 2018
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