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Installation Instructions for 51171-79 Universal Radiators

Important: Some cars require varying instructions for proper installation.Please refer to your owner's or maintenance manual for further details
CAUTION:Never open while hot. Radiator coolant can be very hot and under pressure.Always use extreme caution when removing the radiator cap.

1. Construct mounts to support the radiator tanks tightly. Foam rubber or weather stripping can be usedbetween mounts and tanks to reduce damage from vibration.Do NOT support radiator under the core area!It may cause damage to tubes or fins.

2. Carefully place radiator in vehicle taking care not to damage the radiator fins.

3. Tighten brackets to chassis and radiator so that the radiator is clamped in place.

4. Install coolant hoses using proper hose clamps.


1. Flush cooling system completely. Check all cooling components for failures (thermostat, pressure cap,hoses).

2. Use a 50/50 mix of premium coolant and water (distilled preferred) to maximize corrosion resistance.

3. Use proper safety equipment: gloves, glasses, etc.(Please refer to owner's or maintenance manual - following directions may vary)

4. Fill the JEG’S radiator to capacity. Turn heater on high.

5. Loosely put the radiator cap on; do NOT twist on tightly. Start vehicle.

6. Run vehicle until top radiator hose is hot. Coolant may overflow out the filler neck. When the leveldrops, add more fluid.

7. When thermostat fully opens, remove the filler cap and refill radiator to capacity.

8. Replace cap and tighten.

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May 10, 2018
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