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Installation Instructions for 51120 to 51129

Freeze Plug / Core Plug Block Heaters

Installation Instructions:

1. Remove the engine undertray/air deflector if so equipped.

2. After the engine coolant and engine components have cooled down, drain coolant from radiator.

3. Locate and remove the engine freeze plug of the appropriate size per the vehicle manufacturer’s servicemanual under “Engine Cooling System”. Location, size and method will vary by manufacturer, year, make andmodel.

4. Apply a thin layer of gasket sealer to both sides of the gasket.

5. Install gasket onto core plug heater.

6. Install the loosely assembled core plug heater into the engine block.

7. Tighten the assembly.

8. Connect the power cord to the heater element.

9. Route the cord to the front of the vehicle (on front engine equipped vehicles) or to the rear of the vehicle (onrear engine equipped vehicles). Be careful to route the cord in such a way that it does not contact the engine,exhaust or moving parts under the vehicle and then up to and through the grille. Attach the cord to the frame,wiring loom etc and grille with tie wraps (not included).

10. Refill the cooling system. We recommend that the correct coolant for your vehicle be utilized and at no morethan a 50/50 coolant to water ratio.

11. Pressurize to the radiator cap relief pressure and check for leaks.

12. Start the vehicle and check further for leaks.

13. Reinstall the engine undertray/air deflector.

14. Use the cable end protector cap (included) when the heater is not plugged into the power source.

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May 10, 2018
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