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Installation Instructions for 51118

Block Heater Adapter

WARNING: DO NOT plug in heater if heating element is not immersed in coolant. If not immersed, element sheath mayburst and could result in personal injury.

CAUTION: • Use a 50/50 solution of Ethylene Glycol anti-freeze and water for optimum heater performance.• DO NOT use more than 65% concentration of anti-freeze, as a shortened heater lift will result.• DO NOT use heater in coolant system containing any form of stop-leak additive.

Installation Instructions:

1. Drain engine coolant. Flush system if necessary.

2. Remove desired block plug and clean threads and surface of block opening thoroughly.

3. Using a liquid Teflon thread sealant such as JEGS #555-28011(not included) applied to the 3/4” NPT threads of the heating element. Thread the heating element into the adapter fitting and tighten.

4. Thread the adapter fitting into the block and tighten.

5. Insert power cord connector into socket, being careful to align pins with sockets of connector on cord. Press plug firmly into socket. Tighten strain relief nut securely by hand.

6. Route cord to location for easy connection to 120 VAC properly grounded outlet. Fasten cord where necessary to prevent contact with hot engine surfaces and moving parts. Allow slack for engine vibration.

7. Fill cooling system completely with good grade permanent anti-freeze solution. See CAUTION note below.

8. CAUTION: Before applying power to heater, remove all trapped air by running engine for 5-10 minutes after thermostat opens (normal operating temperature).

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May 10, 2018
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