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Installation Instructions for 50950

Remote Mount Electric Water Pump


#555-28011 to avoid leaks and to guard against galling of threads.

Installation Instructions:

Mounting Instructions:

1. Before working on the engine, disconnect the battery ground cable.

2. Remove the old water pump to be replaced, if so equipped.

3. Once the old pump is removed, flush entire cooling system.

4. This pump is designed to be cage mounted or bulkhead mounted (sold separately). Mount pump at or below

mid point of cooling system so that the pump is gravity fed. To avoid cavitation the outlet of the pump must

be higher than the inlet. You may fabricate a bracket for square frame mounting.

5. Once you have mounted your water pump you must make the connection to the block from the pump. You

will need available 12AN block adapters (sold separately). Block adapter kits are complete with o-ring seals

that mount directly to the front of the block so you can use braided hose. You may also need a Y-block

(sold separately) to split the lines into two exiting from the pump. NOTE: block adapters and Y-block are

sold separately.

6. Your remote pump also has the capability to reverse flow your cooling system. Instead of making the

connection from the pump to the block you will connect the pump to the existing water neck. The water will

then exit from the block and return to the radiator. NOTE: you may still need to use block adapters and Y-

block to complete the system.

Inlet Installation:

1. Each hose inlet (sold separately) is supplied with an o-ring seal for positive sealing however it might be

necessary to use a small amount of sealant on the o-ring to prevent any leaks. Our hose inlets have a 1 ¾

hex for easy tightening. (Note: Be sure not to overtighten inlet, it could cut or split o-ring).

2. Reconnect all hoses.

Connecting Electric:

1. The Blue wire connects to an on/off battery positive (+) switch.

2. The Black wire connects to suitable chassis ground or battery negative (-).

(Note: Remember to reconnect battery ground).

Fill Procedure:

1. Fill the cooling system and inspect for leaks.

2. Once the system is full, replace the fill cap and turn on the pump.

3. While the pump is running, remove the fill cap and top off coolant level.

4. Start the engine and run until it reaches normal operating temperature.

5. Check for smooth operation.

6. Turn engine off and recheck coolant level.

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May 10, 2018
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