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Installation Instructions for 50915

Electric Water Pump

for LT1

Read All of the Instructions Before Beginning the Installation.

To get the most out of your NEW Water Pump, follow these installation recommendations:

Water Pump Disassembly Instructions:

1) Before working on the engine, disconnect the battery ground cable.

2) Flush entire cooling system. Remove the factory water pump housing from the engine. The

front of the housing has a six bolt inspection cover that needs to be removed.

3) After the housing is removed and the inspection cover is off, thoroughly clean all mounting

surfaces on the block and the housing.

4) The next step is to remove all the stock factory pump components from the housing. (i.e.

impeller, bearing, and seal assembly). (NOTE: a hydraulic press is needed to complete this

portion of the process). Place the housing face up in the press resting on the gasket surface.

By using about a 5/16 pin or dowel, press the bearing assembly out of the impeller and

housing. (NOTE: some technical experience is required).

Water Pump Assembly Instructions:

1) Clean the bearing bore at the bottom of the housing and install the 1-1/8” brass freeze plug

from the inside of the housing so that it is flush with the cover. (NOTE: sealant is required to

prevent any leaks).

2) No gaskets will be needed to mount the pump. The pump is supplied with an o-ring mounting

seal. However before installation, apply a small amount of sealant to o-ring then align pump

to bolt holes in housing.

3) Reuse the factory inspection cover bolts to mount the pump. Start all bolts loosely, snug and

then tighten.

4) At this time the water pump housing can be reinstalled on the engine using a small amount

of sealant on a set of factory mounting gaskets.

Connecting Electric:

1) The Blue wire connects to an on/off battery positive (+) switch (sold separately).

2) The Black wire connects to suitable chassis ground or battery negative (-).

(Note: Remember to reconnect battery ground).

Fill Procedure:

1) Fill the cooling system and inspect for leaks.

2) Once the system is full, replace the fill cap and turn on the pump.

3) While the pump is running, remove the fill cap and top off coolant level.

4) Start the engine and run until it reaches normal operating temperature.

5) Check for smooth operation.

6) Turn engine off and recheck coolant level.

Parts List:

1- Electric Water Pump

1- 1-1/8” deep brass freeze plug

1- Wire Harness

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Posted on
May 10, 2018
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