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Installation Instructions for 50900 to 50904 & 50910 to 50914

Electric Water Pump

Read All of the Instructions Before Beginning the Installation.

To get the most out of your NEW Water Pump, follow these installation recommendations:

Mounting Instructions:

1. Before working on the engine, disconnect the battery ground cable.

2. Remove the old water pump to be replaced, if so equipped.

3. Once the old pump is removed, flush entire cooling system and thoroughly clean all mounting surfaces.

4. Some small blocks are equipped with an extra coolant passage on the right (passenger side) of the block just

below the bottom water pump hole. This hole will need to be tapped and plugged with the supplied 1/8” NPT plug.

Be sure to use a thread sealer on the plug.

5. No gaskets will be needed for this installation. The pump is supplied with o-ring mounting seals. However before

installation, apply a small amount of sealant to o-rings then align pump to bolt holes in block.

6. Start all bolts loosely, snug and then tighten.

Inlet Installation:

1 Each hose inlet (sold separately) is supplied with an o-ring seal for positive sealing, although it might be

necessary to use a small amount of sealant on the o-ring to prevent any leaks. Our hose inlets have a 1-3/4” hex

for easy tightening.

(Note: Be sure not to over tighten inlet, it could cut or split o-ring).

2. Reconnect all hoses.

Connecting Electric:

1. The Blue wire connects to an on/off battery positive (+) switch (sold separately).

2. The Black wire connects to suitable chassis ground or battery negative (-).

(Note: Remember to reconnect battery ground).

Fill Procedure:

1. Fill the cooling system and inspect for leaks.

2. Once the system is full, replace the fill cap and turn on the pump

3. While the pump is running, remove the fill cap and top off coolant level.

4. Start the engine and run until it reaches normal operating temperature.

5. Check for smooth operation.

6. Turn engine off and recheck coolant level.

Parts List:

1 - Electric Water Pump

4 - 1” x 3/8”-16 Stainless Steel Socket Head Cap Screws

1 - Wire Harness

1 – 1/8” NPT Pipe Plug (Small Block Only)

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May 10, 2018
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