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Installation Instructions for 30049 Ceramic Header Install Kit

The coating on all headers is fragile and can be damaged if not handled with care. JEGS Ceramic Header InstallationKit is intended to assist you with the handling, care and installation process by reducing the scratches, nicks and discoloration caused from handling unprotected headers with bare hands. Please take the time to protect your investment!

1. Put on a pair of gloves before placing the header(s) in the plastic bag(s).

2. Place a bag over each header so that you may be careful while handling the unit during installation. In most cases, this is a two man job (and we include two pairs of gloves for this).

3. Once the installation is complete simply tear the bag(s) away and your header(s) will be in better condition because of this kit.

4. If you need to remove the header(s) simply call JEGS and order part number 555-30049. Thank you.

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May 10, 2018
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