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Installation Instructions for 23675 Oil Pan/Sump Immersion Heater

Installation Instructions:

1. Locate a suitable place for installation. Keep in mind that the heater element should be installed at the lowest point possible in the sump tank or sump of the oil pan. (Submerged in oil)

2. Check that there is adequate clearance inside, and that the element will not interfere with the operation of any baffle doors inside oil pans.

3. Once you have a suitable location, drill a 1” diameter hole which will allow the element to enter the oil pan.

4. Weld the heater bung fitting to this location. NOTE: Be sure that the chamfer or o-ring boss on the fitting is not against the tank or sump.

5. If you decide to leave the cord permanently attached, route cord to location for easy connection to 120 VAC properly grounded outlet. Fasten cord where necessary to prevent contact with hot engine surfaces and moving parts. Allow slack for engine vibration.

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May 10, 2018
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