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Installation Instructions for 23605 Oil Filter Adapter with Bypass

1. Inspect the oil filter cavity in the engine block making sure to remove all oil, sludge and dirt.

2. Inspect the threads in the engine block and clean with a 5/16”-18 tap if necessary.

3. Install the bypass into the oil filter cavity on the engine block (gasket and/or sealant is not required) positioning the bypass valve so that it is facing toward the crankshaft (inward).

4. Install the two flat washers and 5/16”-18 bolts supplied and torque to factory specification.Refer to the vehicle manufacturer’s service manual for the correct torque specification.

5. The threads on the adapter are 13/16”-16 which is the stock thread size for 1968-86Chevrolet engines. Purchase the appropriate filter for your particular engine block. Always lubricate the oil filter seal with new (clean) oil prior to installation. Install the oil filter. Snug and then hand tighten the filter (do not use an oil filter wrench).

6. Add the appropriate amount of oil to the crankcase. Check for leaks after the engine has been started.

Kit contents:

One oil filter adapter

Two mounting bolts (5/16”-18 x 1.25”)

Two 5/16” flat washers

Recommended tools:

555-80505 JEGS NC Thread Tap Set

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Posted on
May 10, 2018
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