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Installation Instructions for 20490 SBC Block Protector (Small Block Chevy)

Installation Instructions:

Kit includes:

(1) Roller Thrust Bearing

(2) Bearing Race Washers

Note: Re-machining of the Camshaft Sprocket is needed in order to use this block protector. This should be preformed by a qualified machinist. See Figure 1 for machining specifications and tolerances.

1. Place one of the bearing race washers into the machined camshaft sprocket.

2. Clean and lubricate the roller bearing assembly with motor oil or lite grease.

3. Place the roller bearing into the washer from step one above followed by the second bearing race washer.

Note: Be sure camshaft end play DOES NOT exceed 0.020”. Doing so could allow the bearing race washer to become unseated.

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May 10, 2018
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