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20419, 29, 49 & 59: Installation Instructions for Rapid Adjust Timing Sets

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Installation Instructions for 20419, 20429, 20449 & 20459 Rapid Adjust Timing Sets

Installation Instructions:

Install the “adjustable timing set” with normal careful installation procedures and do not pry or forcefully hammer into place. Initial setting of 0 degrees or straight up cam position is recommended with 6 retention bolts torqued to 13-14 ft./lbs.

Cam adjustment tool (B) is furnished with your “adjustable timing set” for quick easy operation of cam degree process.

To use cam tool (B) insert “pivot pin” of tool into “pivot hole” of tooth gear and rotate tool until cam shoulder drops into place of female slot (C) of inner degree hub.  

Loosen bolts slightly to remove clamping tension! Turn “cam tool” with any “round shank hand tool” until desired cam timing is obtained.

Re-tighten (C) and torque to 13-14 ft./lbs. Double check desired timing!

Remove one retention bolt (A) at a time. Clean threaded hole with quick dry spray (carb. choke) cleaner. Replace bolt into “dry clean hole”with red loctite on bolt thread and re-torque to 13-14 ft./lbs.

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May 10, 2018
Instruction Guides

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