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Installation Instructions for 20185 Rocker Arm Shim Kit

For Pedestal Mounted Rocker Arm Assemblies

Installation Instructions:

This rocker arm shim kit is for use on engines utilizing non-adjustable pedestal mounted rocker arms. The hydraulic lifters in these engines may have excessive preload due to a camshaft change, valve job, head resurfacing, etc. To cure this problem, without using different pushrods, we offer this shim kit containing two different thickness shims.

On engines with pedestal or shoulder bolt mounted rocker arms, the shims are placed between the shoulder and thecylinder head. Shims may vary between each rocker arm if necessary. Torque the bolt to the factory torque specs afterinstalling the shims.

The shims will decrease lifter preload approximately .030", .060" or .090" depending on the shims used. Maintain a recommended lifter preload of between .020" minimum and .060" maximum for proper lifter operation.

Kit contains 32 shims:

16 thick - 16 thin

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May 10, 2018
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