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Installation Instructions for 16501 Nitrous Switch

Note: Designed for 4500 style carburetors. This includes Holley® HP series and Quick Fuel Technology Pro Series Dominator® Series carburetors.

1. Install the bracket and switch on the side opposite the throttle linkage and onto the front carb stud as pictured in illustration 1 and tighten the nut.

2. Test the switch for activation by moving the throttle to wide open. The standard Holley® 4500 series carb utilizes the bottom set of holes on the bracket for the micro switch. The Holley® 4500 HP series carb will utilize the top set of mounting holes. You should hear a click from the switch indicating activation. An alternate test method would be to use a voltage/ohm meter.

3. Be sure to also check the carburetor secondary bracket for alignment. No binding of any sort should be present.

4. Wiring is achieved by a normally open method along with the common for ground (see illustration 2).

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May 10, 2018
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