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Installation Instructions for 15417 Throttle Body Spacer

Installation Instructions: 

1. With engine off remove air cleaner assembly from top of throttle body unit. 

2. Using a 10mm socket remove mounting bolts from the throttle body unit. Remove throttle cables & wire connectors. Now remove throttle body. Clean off old gasket. 

3. Remove the 2 or 3 bolts from throttle linkage bracket. 

4. Install throttle body spacer with gaskets on either side, then the throttle body unit, bolt down with bolts supplied in kit. Torque to 6 ft.lbs. 

5. Install spacers under the linkage bracket and bolt down with bolts supplied. 

6. Install throttle linkage & wire connectors. 

7. Inspect throttle for open & closed travel, then reinstall air cleaner housing. 

8. Start engine & let idle for a couple of minutes then go drive. It may take 15 minutes of normal driving for the computer to relearn.

State of California 

Air Resources Board 

Executive Order D-623 


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May 10, 2018
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