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15280-98: Installation Instructions for Fuel Pressure Regulator Mounting Brackets

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Installation Instructions for 15280 to 15298 Fuel Pressure Regulator Mounting Brackets 

Important Note - All regulators will mount below the bracket except for the JEGS & Holley Regulators which will mount above the bracket, and Magna-Fuel Regulators will be Mid-Mounted by utilizing it’s own mounting bracket. It may also be necessary to space the bracket upward, depending on manifold profile and carburetor type. The carburetor studs on the regulator side will need to be replaced with a minimum of 1/4” longer studs depending on the use of spacers. 

1. Read all of the Instructions Before Beginning the Installation. 

2. Determine correct direction of bracket, it will only fit one way correctly. This can be determined by simply slipping bracket over the carburetor studs and checking for throttle linkage interference. Make sure that the throttle will open and close without interference. (Note: On late model Holley 4500 Series Carburetors it is necessary to shim bracket upward with spacers supplied.) All brackets are designed to work on right side of carburetor – passenger side. 

3. Mount the regulator to the bracket using the supplied hardware as indicated in the chart below. 

Note: On Holley Regulators it is necessary to first thread the holes in the regulator with a 12-24 tap or use Holley’s self-tapping screws that are supplied with their regulator. When mounting the regulator make sure to use the hardware included with our mounting bracket. 

Note: When installing an Aeromotive or Mallory fuel pressure regulator, care must be taken when removing the fasteners securing the upper and lower sections. There may be spring tension and/or a diaphragm that will need to be reassembled with care. 

Note: The Aeromotive fuel pressure regulators will require that the four tubular spacers be placed between the top surface of the regulator and the mounting bracket. 

Note: When using the Magna-Fuel mounting bracket; use the Magna-Fuel bracket and included hardware to mount the regulator to your JEGS regulator mounting bracket. 

Note: On JEGS regulators it is necessary to re-use the (4) 8-32 x 1/2” screws that originally fastened the regulator to the mounting bracket. 

4. Mount the regulator and bracket assembly to carburetor studs. 

5. Make the appropriate fuel lines. (Note: If braided line is used then it is recommended to use #6 line due to the bending radius.)

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May 10, 2018
Instruction Guides

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