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Installation Instructions for 15275 and 15276 Fuel Sample Valves 

Installation Instructions 

1. Always install any fuel component on your car when the engine is cool and with the fuel pump turned off to prevent a fire. 

2. Locate the valve in an area that is easily accessible and away from hot engine components. 

3. Use the appropriate fitting wrenches for AN fittings and liberal amounts of Teflon tape or paste on pipe fittings. (DO NOT get any sealing compounds inside the end of the valve) 

4. Check the operation of the valve before turning on your fuel system (a few pushes should do) 

5. Turn on the fuel pump and check for leaks after installation. 

Operating Instructions 

1. Review and understand the safety and operating procedures. 

2. With the fuel pump and your receiving cup (provided by Tech Officials) in place simply push the button until the plunger bottoms out. (Use caution as fuel will be dispensed rapidly from the valve. Safety must be exercised to avoid spilling fuel and causing fire) 

3. Once a sufficient sample has been taken remove finger from button head of valve to stop the flow of fuel. Do not remove the cup from under the discharge spout until the flow of fuel has stopped. 

Safety Tips 

1. Check the valve for any leaks before each use. 

2. Never tighten valve by the aluminum housing! 

3. Periodically lube under the button with a Teflon lubricating spray or a small drop of oil (this will ensure a non-sticking button and longer life out of reciprocating seal). 

4. Periodically operate the valve without the fuel pump on to ensure smooth operation. 

5. Never remove the adapter fitting from the aluminum body {except for service). 

6. Remember, racing fuels are extremely flammable, always use extreme caution when dispensing fuel or working with fuel components! 


This product is for racing only! Extreme caution must be used in the installation, use and inspection of this product at all times. Inspection of all fuel related components should be performed on a regular basis.This unit is assembled with the highest quality Orings. As with any fuel related racing component, the valve should be periodically serviced with the following correct O-rings. Failure to do so could compromise personal safety. By installing this product the user assumes all responsibility for use and installation of said sample valve. 

Service Kit # 555-15277 

Includes 8 O-rings to service the valve twice.

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May 10, 2018
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