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Installation Instructions for 14510 & 14512 Throttle Body 

1986-1993 Mustang 5.0L

Kit Contents:

  • Throttle body Assembly
  • Gasket – T.B to EGR Spacer
  • Gasket – Idle Solenoid to T.B. 

Installation Instructions: 

1. Let the engine cool. Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. 

2. Remove the air inlet tube connecting the air cleaner to the throttle body. 

3. Disconnect the Throttle position sensor and the idle speed control solenoid connections from the throttle body. Also, disconnect the EGR position sensor connector from the EGR valve. 

4. Disconnect the EGR vacuum line from the EGR valve. Disconnect the throttle linkage. Loosen the two hose clamps on the throttle body coolant hoses. Remove the radiator cap to release any pressure in the cooling system. Remove the coolant hoses (some coolant may leak out at this point).

5. Remove the four nuts that hold the throttle body to the manifold. Slide the stock throttle body and EGR spacer off of the four studs. 

6. For best performance, you should use the same size EGR spacer as Throttle body. Also, the inlet opening on the intake manifold should be enlarged to match the diameter of the Throttle Body and EGR spacer you are using. Note that most 5.0L aftermarket manifolds are sized to match 70mm throttle body, but can be enlarged. 

7. Remove the idle speed solenoid and throttle position sensor from the old throttle body and install on the new one. Install the EGR valve on the EGR plate using the supplied gasket. 

8. Reinstall the EGR plate & gasket on the manifold. Install the Throttle body & tighten the four nuts to 12-18 lb. ft. 

9. Connect the throttle position sensor, EGR Position sensor, and idle speed solenoid. Connect the throttle body coolant hoses and tighten clamps. Connect the throttle linkage. 

10. Reinstall the air inlet tube to the throttle body & air cleaner. Refill coolant to replace any that has leaked out when coolant hoses were removed. Re-connect negative battery cable.

Setting Engine Idle Speed:

1. Turn the ignition switch to OFF. 

2. Turn the throttle plate hard stop screw five turns clockwise from the fully closed position. 

3. Disconnect the idle speed solenoid connector. 

4. Start engine and run until it has reached operating temperature. 

5. Turn the throttle plate hard stop screw counter-clockwise until the lowest factory idle speed setting (625 rpm) is reached. If the engine has been modified, increased idle speed may be required.

6. Turn the engine off and reconnect the idle speed connector.

Checking T.P. Sensor Voltage:

Turn the ignition switch to the ON position, but do not start the engine. Using a digital volt/ohmmeter, measure the voltage between the dark green/light green wire and the black wire. Be sure the reading is between 0.80V and 1.0V. Optimum reading is 0.90V to 0.95V. This voltage can be adjusted using the special adjustable T.P. sensor mounting (see illustration shown below). Loosen the two socket head screws and rotate the T.P. Sensor until the proper voltage reading is achieved. Tighten the screws and recheck voltage.

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May 10, 2018
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