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Installation Instructions for 1215 Parachute Loading Tool

Safety Note: Wear safety glasses and keep your face, hands, arms and the rest of your body away from the launching spring when using this tool to loading your parachute launcher. The parachute launcher is a heavy spring and must be loaded by adults only (no children) for safety reasons.

This tool is designed for use with “Spring Type” parachute launchers only.

This tool is used with a standard 1/2” ratchet wrench & socket (not included w/ the tool). Most launchers use a 15/16” socket for the drive on the launcher, but any size 1/2” socket can also be used with this tool.

Attach the ratchet wrench to one side of the parachute launching tool and the socket on the other side. Set the lever on the parachute loading tool to the correct direction of operation. Set the lever on your ratchet wrench to the correct direction and begin turning the ratchet wrench while holding the Ratchet Pac parachute loading tool. Continue turning the ratchet wrench until the launcher is in the loaded position. Insert the pin or cable mechanism into the launcher while holding the Parachute Loading Tool.

This tool can be used from either side by flipping the lever on the tool. This is a handy for vehicles with dual parachutes. It may be helpful to watch the video on our website that shows the use of this tool.

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May 10, 2018
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