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Installation Instructions for 1210 Parachute Release Cable Kit

Installation Instructions:

  1. Determine the location to mount the handle. Note: The handle must be easily reached when driver is completely strapped into the seat. The handle can be mounted so that it can be pulled or pushed and can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. 
  2. Determine location, cable routing, what brackets are necessary etc. Mark bracket locations on the roll bar or frame etc. Note: The holes in the cable clip brackets are spaced differently. One bracket allows the cable clip to be mounted in-line with the cable clip bracket, the other allows you to mount the cable clip on a 90Deg. angle to the cable clip bracket.
  3. Attach the handle to the mounting bracket by first drilling a 1/4” hole in the bracket. Note there are (2) Universal brackets one is intended to be used when mounting the handle horizontally and the other is used when mounting the handle vertically. Note: A SHORTER HANDLE MAY BE DESIRED. If so, the pivot end of the handle can be trimmed and a new hole drilled for your application.
  4. Loosely bolt the handle to the bracket using the 3/4” cap screw and mark a mounting point on the roll bar or frame.
  5. Ensure the Parachute Release Cable is long enough to reach the parachute when attached to the handle and that there are no sharp bends that will cause the cable to bind. 
  6. Tack weld the mounting bracket to the roll cage tube.
  7. Adjust the cable clip until the cable will reach the handle when mounted in the desired position. Using the supplied #10-24 screws and loc nuts screw the cable clip to the cable clip bracket. Note: The cable clip brackets can be welded to your roll cage: At 90 deg. to the tubing, Parallel to the tubing, With the bottom of the bracket trimmed on an angle of your choosing and then welded to the cage depending on your application.
  8. Tack weld the cable clip bracket in place.
  9. Run the cable to the back of the car, avoiding kinks or binding.
  10. After you are satisfied with your installation of the cable use zip ties (not included) or similar item to secure the cable to the roll cage.
  11. Where the cable must pass through a body panel drill a 1/2” hole and use a rubber grommet in each. Push the cable through the grommet.
  12. The cable should make a slow curve when it reaches the parachute. No sharp angles which would cause the cable to pop out of the chute pack. (Causing the chute to open)
  13. Cut the Parachute Release Cable one inch longer than you need it to be.
  14. Trim the outer cover, of the Parachute Release Cable, back 1” to 1-1/4”. Cut or punch a small hole in the end of the dust boot. Slide the dust boot over the end of the cable.
  15. Per sanction body rules “The Parachute Release Cable, if over 12” long must be firmly attached (insure that the inner cable will operate properly).”
  16. Finally check the operation and positioning of the Parachute Release Cable if you are happy with the location and function, finish weld the two mounting brackets and tighten all the mounting hardware.
Proper installation of parachute release cable kit

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Posted on
May 10, 2018
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