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Installation Instructions for 11206 & 11207 Fuel Pressure Safety Switch

BE CAREFUL DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE THREADED FITTINGS! Use a Teflon thread sealing compound to avoid leaks and to guard against galling of threads.


Check for leaks before starting your vehicle. Take precautions when working with gasoline – It is a fire hazard and is potentially explosive.

Installation Instructions:

1. Install a “Tee” fitting (1/8” NPT) into the fuel line between the fuel pump and the nitrous fuel solenoid using a Teflon thread sealant. 

2. Securely install the fuel pressure safety switch into the “Tee” fitting using a Teflon thread sealant. 

3. Due to variation in manufacturers fuel pressure gauge readings, test the safety switch operating set point before activating the nitrous system. The switch is preset as follows:


If adjustment is needed refer to the Switch Adjustment section below.


1. Wire one side of the switch to the ground side of the fuel and nitrous solenoids. 

2. Wire the other side of the switch to the chassis ground.

Switch Adjustment:

1. Disconnect the lead from the pressure switch that runs to the solenoids. Connect one lead from a test light to a 12-volt power source and the other to the open terminal on the fuel pressure safety switch. 

2. Apply the desired system operating fuel pressure to activate the switch. 

3. Remove the rubber plug from the center of the switch. Turn the set screw (7/32” Allen) clockwise until the test light goes out, then turn the set screw counter-clockwise until the light comes on. Replace the rubber plug.

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May 10, 2018
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