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Installation Instructions for 11130 High Four Headlight Kit

General Instructions and Notes:

1. There are two wires on your High-4 module (Brown & White). The White wire is for electricity going in and the Brown wire is for electricity going out. 

2. Locking wire connectors are provided in the kit. Follow the instructions below to connect the wires. 

3. Double-sided tape is also provided to mount the assembly box in a convenient place. There are also two mounting holes in the housing if you would like to mount it with screws or other fasteners (not provided). It is up to the installer to decide which is easier.

4. Once installed, your headlights will work as before in low beam mode, but when you turn on your high beams, all four lights will come on.

5. This kit is not designed to work on S-series vehicles with high beam daytime running lights.

1999 to 2002 GM Trucks and 2000 to 2002 Full-Size SUV’s (except Trailblazer)

1. Start on the driver's side and tilt the headlight assembly forward by pulling the two pins that hold the headlight assembly in place. 

2. Connect the White module wire to the vehicles Purple wire. 

3. Connect the Brown module wire to the vehicles Light Yellow (sometimes almost White) wire. 

4. You do not need to use the Orange vehicle wires.

NOTE: If your high beam indicator stays lit, and all four(4) lights are on when you are in low beam mode, it may be necessary to switch the wire connections (polarity). This depends on the application.

Trailblazer (not S-series Blazer) 

1. Same as the newer GM trucks and SUV’s but wire colors are different. The Brown wire of the module connects to the vehicle Yellow wire, and the White wire on the module connects to the vehicle Orange wire.

2003 to 2006 GM Trucks

1. Connect the White module wire to the vehicles low beam Yellow wire. 

2. Connect the Brown Module wire to the vehicles high beam Green wire. 

3. You do not need to use the Black vehicle wires.

1988 to 1998 Trucks and SUV’s

1. Find the wiring harness close to the driver’s side fender. The wiring harness will make a ‘Y’ out toward both headlights at this point. 

2. Connect the module before this ‘Y’. 

3. Connect the Brown module wire to the Light Green vehicle wire. 

4. Connect the White module wire to the Light Brown vehicle wire.

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May 10, 2018
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