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Installation Instructions for 11080 Cage Mounted Switch Panel

The JEGS cage mounted switch panel kits enable you to remotely control electrical components installed on your race car. We recommend that you utilize an electrician familiar with automotive wiring to wire this product if you are not comfortable with your wiring skills. We recommend that automotive crimp type connectors and/or soldering be used to insure a proper connection. We also recommend that you install relays on all high amp drawing components such as fuel pumps and electric fans. Do not replace the supplied 20 amp fuses with higher amp fuses as this could cause the circuit to overload and result in a fire.

1. Determine the desired mounting location for the panel. Make sure you have adequate room behind the panel so that the connectors will not ground and cause a short. 

2. Install the switches from the rear of the panel into the middle row of round holes. Make sure that the hex nut is on the switch before inserting it through the panel. Secure switch to the front of the panel with the round threaded ring furnished. See figure 1 

3. Install the red indicator lights by pushing them in from the rear of the panel into the upper row of smaller holes, they will snap in place. See figure 2 

4. Install the fuse holders from the rear of the panel into the rectangular holes. Press them in until they snap into place. See figure 3 

5. Install starter switch into large, 5/8” diameter hole from the rear. Secure by threading on the hex nut and rubber boot on the front of the panel 

6. Install panel springs into back (plated) panel using the furnished rivets and 1/8” holes. When you are ready to fasten the front panel to the back panel, make sure that the 4 tabs on the rear panel are perpendicular and flush with the outside of the panel. Variation may occur in the forming of these parts. If necessary to correct this you can gently bend these tabs by hand. Use the furnished panel screws, inserting them into the 7/16” holes; gripping the springs and turn 1/4 turn clockwise until fastened. You should not have to use excessive force for these to lock into place. 

7. Complete by fastening to roll cage, utilizing the furnished embossed hose clamps and inserting them through the slots in the back panel.


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May 10, 2018
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