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Installation Instructions for 10556

Sealed Change-Over Relay

Switches current one user to another – opening to closing power window or two-stage fans. Use wire gauge & fuse listed by Components Manufacturer. Connector has 12 Gauge leads.

Wiring Diagram Connections:

- #85 to Ground

- #86 to Switch

- #30 to (+) Battery

- #87 to Component Being Turned On/Off

- #87a to Component Being Turned On/Off

a) If used as Normally Closed Relay do not use #87 circuit. Normally Closed Relay interrupts current – disconnects circuit for a short time such as a radio when engine is being started.

b) If used as a Normally Open Relay do not use #87a circuit. Normally Open relay closes allowing current to pass thru such as vehicle lighting, horns or fan motors.

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May 10, 2018
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