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Installation Instructions for 1055 Pocket Practice Tree II

Proper Insertion of Hand Switch: Plug Hand Switch into Pocket Practice Tree. Connection MUST be FLUSH with the top of the Practice Tree. If you see any shiny metal then the plug is NOT inserted all the way.

NOTE: When you insert the Hand Switch into the Practice Tree – Twist and Push at the same time. You will feel a slight click when the connection is complete and you will not be able to see any metal between the top of the Practice Tree and the Hand Switch Connection.

A proper Hand Switch to Practice Tree connection in which no metal is visible between the parts
Proper Connection

An improper connection between the hand switch and practice tree in which there is metal visible between the parts.
Improper Connection
  1. This Practice Tree requires 2 – AA Batteries (not included)
  2. Low Battery will come on when Voltage from the Battery Compartment drops below 2.6 Volts. Under 2.3 volts the practice tree will not turn on. 
  3. The practice tree has a 7 Segment Numeric Display that is designed to show Numerals ONLY! We have used upper and lower case letters for words (All letters are not available).
  4. The practice tree goes to Sleep Mode after 3 minutes when not in use.
  • Press & Hold the ESCAPE /ON-OFF Button to turn “ON” or turn “OFF” the practice tree. 
  • The practice tree will be in the main menu “JEGS” is displayed on the screen. 
  •  Press the Up or Down Arrow Key to turn the Backlight ON or OFF. 
  • Press the "Stage/Enter" Key to enter Practice Mode (Refer to "Practice Mode" Instructions). 
  •  The Main Menu can be reached at any time by repeatedly pressing the Escape Key.

Practice your Reaction Time here. You can either:

  • Depress the "STAGE/ENTER" key until the tree begins to cycle. 
  • Release the "STAGE/ENTER" key to clock Reaction Time.
  • Or Plug the External Hand Switch into the 1/8" jack on the top of the practice tree. Depress the button on the hand switch until the tree begins to cycle. Release the button to clock Reaction Time.
  • STAGE/Enter Key – Stages the practice tree when you are not using the External Hand Switch. 
  • Mode Key – Press the Mode Key to enter the PRACTICE MENU where you can change your Practice Settings (Below are the Practice Menu Instructions). 
  • Reset Key -- When editing a setting in the Practice Menu - pressing the Reset key restores the factory default
  • Reset Key – While in Practice Mode resets to "S UP” Stage UP. 
  • Escape Key – Returns to Main Menu and if held down will shut off the unit.
  • Up/Down Arrow Keys – While In Practice Mode will Increase or decrease the delay box setting.

Change your: Tree Type & Tree Speed, Rollout, Delay Box, Bump Down or View Statistics here. While in Practice Mode press the MODE key to access the Practice Menu. 

  1. Press the Up or Down Arrow Key to scroll through the menu. 
  2. Press the "Stage/EnterKey to Access or Save a setting. Press the "Escape" Key to return to the Practice Mode. a) Statistics (Stat) automatically scrolls through ("6rn" = # green lights, "rEd" = # red lights, and "AU6" = Running Average). b) Tree (trEE) Combination of Tree Type and Tree Speed. Full Tree choices: F500 or F400. Pro Tree choices: P400 or P500. c )Roll Out (roll) Factory setting is .320 Seconds. You can set your own from .100 to 1.000 seconds. d) Delay Box (d.b) -- You can set your own from .000 to 1.500 seconds. Factory setting is .000 seconds. e) Bump Down (bP.dn) -- You can set your own from 0.000 to 0.020 seconds. Factory setting is .000 seconds. f) Defaults (dFLt) Press the Stage/Enter key to restore all Factory Settings.
  3. IMPORTANT: You must press the “STAGE/ENTER” Key to Save your changes.

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May 10, 2018
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