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Installation Instructions for 1054 Pocket Practice Tree III

  1. Install battery. Slide open rear battery compartment cover and install a 9 volt battery. Replace cover.
  2. POWER ON – MODE button turns Practice Tree on. 
  3.  POWER OFF – Practice Tree turns off automatically in one minute after no buttons have been pressed. Press, Hold (1 full second), Release. Prior to power off, the unit will retain the last twenty reaction times. Once the unit powers off, the memory will be erased/cleared.
  4. SETUP – Press the Mode button after Practice Tree is powered up to enter Setup.TREE, DELAY, ROLL, BUMP, BLOCK.
  5. TREE - Use the UP and DOWN buttons to set the type of tree you want. a)  5FULL – 0.5 second full tree.  b)  4FULL – 0.4 second full tree. c)  5PRO – 0.5 second pro tree.  d)  4PRO – 0.4 second pro tree. After the TREE type is set press the MODE button. 
  6. DELAY (dly) – Use the UP and DOWN buttons to set amount of delay. Set DELAY time to same delay that you would set on your delay box. Set time to 0 if you do not use a delay box. Once the delay time is set press the MODE button again to go to the ROLL option. 
  7. ROLL - Use the UP and DOWN buttons to set amount of Roll out. Adjust ROLL time so that you get the reaction time you want. Normal ROLL time is about 0.320 for 0.5 tree and 0.220 for 0.4 tree. Note: ROLL time only “simulates” roll out time of your car. (Adjust ROLL until you get a reaction time similar to what you get in your car). After ROLL time is set press the MODE button again to go to the BUMP option. 
  8. BUMP (bp) - Use the UP and DOWN buttons to set amount of Bump. The bump function allows player 1 to use the UP/DOWN buttons to add (Bump up) or subtract (Bump down) to their reaction time by the “bump time” after releasing the trigger button and before the green light. After the time is set press the MODE button again to go to Blocking. 
  9. BLOCKING (blk) – Set to 0 – no blocking, Set to 1 blocking. Blocking turns off the first ambers as if you were using a blinder to leave off the bottom bulb. After Blocking is set press the MODE button again to go to normal operation. 
  10. OPERATING – After your PRE-STAGE light is lit press and hold the TRIGGER button. This will turn your STAGE light on and then the other lights will follow. Release TRIGGER button at appropriate time and your reaction time will be displayed. Repeat above to go again. 
  11. AVE – Your average light is shown automatically if the TRIGGER button is not pressed for 5 seconds after showing your last reaction time. Average is for green lights only.
  12. BATTERY – Replace 9 volt battery when the LOW BATT sign is shown. NOTE: Your settings will not be lost when changing battery.
  13. External Switch. An external Trigger switch can be plugged into the 3.5mm phone jack on the top of the unit. This must be a normally open push button type switch. Do not connect this jack to an external power source. Damage will result.

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May 10, 2018
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