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Installation Instructions for 10500

CAGS Skip Shift Eradicator

Safety Guidelines

The installation begins with common sense! If the installation is not to be performed with the aid of a full size chassis lift, it is highly recommended that you support the vehicle with four heavy duty jack stands. The vehicle should be positioned on a hard, flat and level surface (asphalt in the summer can be very dangerous). NEVER use a bumper or scissor jack for the support of your vehicle! ALWAYS use safety glasses.


1. Disconnect the battery cable from the (-) negative post of the battery.

2. Locate the CAGS solenoid on the left (drivers) side near the front of the transmission. It is important to locate the correct connector (see illustration) permanent damage will occur to the Eradicator if connected to the incorrect solenoid. Unplug the factory white female connector.

3. Unplug the white cap from the black connector on the Eradicator. Plug the white cap into the solenoid on the transmission.

4. Plug the black connector of the Eradicator into the white female plug that was disconnected from the transmission in step 2.

5. Secure the wiring harness with a cable tie (not included).

6. Reconnect the (-) negative battery cable.

7. Enjoy using 2nd and 3rd gear on demand.

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May 10, 2018
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