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Installation Instructions for 10380, 10381, 10382, 10383 & 10384 Remote Charging Lug Kit 


Be sure that no part of the charging lug comes in contact with the chassis or metal body, electrical shock may occur. It is imperative to keep the charging lug insulated at all times. 

Installation Instructions: 

1. Slide handle over cable and strip the cable insulation back approximately 3/4”. 

2. Slide the exposed wire completely into the male charging lug and secure with the 3/8”-16 “Half Dog” fastener. 

3. Slide the handle over the male charging lug and secure with the #8-32 SHCS. 

4. Thread the female charging lug into the nylon bung. 

5. Install one(1) nylon lug washer over the female charging lug. 

6. Drill a 17/32” hole into the body panel at the desired location and install the female charging lug followed by one(1) nylon lug washer, one(1) 1/2” flat washer. 7. Install battery cable with 1/2” battery terminal (not supplied) followed by one(1) 1/2” lock washer and tighten with one(1) 1/2”-20 hex nut.

Remote Charging Lug

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May 10, 2018
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