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Installation Instructions for 10370, 10372 & 10373 Push/Pull Battery Disconnect 

Installation Instructions:

1. Pre-assemble the entire unit including the mounting bracket as shown in the diagram. Test fit the assembly to determine the mounting position of the bracket to the rear down tube. The rod assembly with handle should be at a 90º angle to the rear valance panel. Make sure to allow for enough rod length to pass through rear valance panel. Check for binding of the rod end in this position. 

2. Mark the bracket position on the roll cage down tube. 

3. Mounting the bracket: A) If welding the bracket to the tube, grind away paint at the reference point for surface adhesion. B) If bolting in place, remove the bracket from the assembly and use the reference mark made in step 2 to reposition the bracket. Mark the position of holes in the bracket for drilling. Drill the appropriately sized hole(s) for your fasteners (not supplied). Re-install the bracket to the switch. 

4. Re-align the assembly to the mounting bracket and the rear valance. Mark the rear valance for through hole. Drill a 7/8” hole for the rod and grommet assembly. 

5. Disassemble the rod assembly and insert the grommet into rear panel and then slide the rod through the grommet. Re-attach the rod assembly to the switch and switch arm. 

6. Check the rod length making sure it is long enough to operate the switch. If the rod is too long: 

  1. ‍Remove the rod. 
  2. Locate the end of the rod that DOES NOT have the witness (grooved) mark. Removing material from this end cut to the appropriate length (Note: the rod is solid aluminum). 
  3. Center drill the rod using a # 7(0.201”) drill bit down 1” and tap using a 1/4”-20 tap. 
  4. De-bur and re-install.
Push/Pull Battery Disconnect

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May 10, 2018
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