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Installation Instructions for 10319 Battery Disconnect Switch with Fused Bypass

General Information:

A theft deterrent device for unattended vehicles. Either rotate the knob a few turns counter clockwise (loosen) or completely remove the knob to disconnect power to the starter. The bypass fuse will maintain current to the accessories ie: locks, stereo memory, clock, etc. Note: any attempt to connect or hot wire the starter motor while the battery disconnect is disengaged will cause the 15 amp fuse to blow, further immobilizing the vehicle until the knob has been rotated a few turns clockwise (tightened) or re-installed. If this happens, just replace the fuse at the earliest possible convenience.


Read all of the instructions before beginning the installation. Always wear eye protection. Keep cigarettes, flame or sparks away from the battery. Batteries can explode due to the production of explosive gases. Do not attempt to engage or disengage the switch while the starter motor is in operation. The battery could explode if gases are present. This disconnect is intended to be used to cut power after the vehicles engine has been turned off. Only use in a well ventilated area. This item is not approved or intended for Marine use.

Installation Instructions
  • Read all of the instructions before beginning the installation.
  • Remove the negative battery cable from the battery.
  • Install the battery disconnect onto the negative terminal using the factory bolt while attaching the eyelet of the fused connector.
  • Completely remove the knob by rotating it counter clockwise.
  • Install the negative battery cable onto the open end of the battery disconnect while attaching the eyelet of the fused connector.
  • Re-install the knob by rotating it clockwise before attempting to start the engine. Remember, failure to do so will cause the fuse to blow.
installation diagram for battery disconnect switch with fused bypass

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May 10, 2018
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