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Installation Instructions for 10309 Pedal It

Caution. When using Pedal It, disconnect/ground the ignition or pull the coil wire to prevent engine starting. Always set the emergency brake and be certain that Park and/or Neutral is engaged.

Package Contents:
  • (1) Heavy duty foot pedal with eight foot cord and two male connectors
  • (1) Eight inch pigtail with two female connectors and two male connectors for permanent connection with any “starter bump” button
  • (1) Eight inch pigtail with two female connectors and two male connections for permanent connection to any starter                 
  • (1) Eight inch pigtail with two female connectors and two alligator clips for temporary connection to any “starter bump” button or starter

Device is manufactured for ease of use with any starter driven engine/motor. When connected user should have both hands free in order to hold tools needed to check valve lash and any other inspection(s) necessary with valves. Device is wired so there is no need to worry about shorting out any device connected to.

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May 10, 2018
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