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Installation Instructions for 10301 Remote Location Starter Solenoid Kit

WARNING! This solenoid DOES NOT use suppression diodes. Use of this solenoid on vehicles with Engine Control Computers will result in permanent damage to the computer/processor.

The JEGS Remote Location Starter Solenoid Kit will help eliminate the "HOT START" problems that occur with starter mounted solenoids. Other benefits include rerouting of the main power cable away from the exhaust system to avoid a potential fire hazard plus easy access for add-on connection of 12-volt powered accessories.

  1. Remove both the negative (-) and positive (+) power cables from the battery. The positive cable will need to be replaced during the project by a new cable due to the new location you have chosen. We recommend two gauge or larger copper cable for a battery located in the engine compartment, zero gauge copper cable for trunk located battery (or batteries).
  2. Pick a suitable location for the solenoid that allows easy access and a clean, neat installation. Firewall or inner fender are two common locations. Use the solenoid bracket to mark and drill two mounting holes. Mount solenoid in an upright position using the supplied fasteners. When mounting to a non-metallic surface, keep in mind that you must complete a ground circuit by running a ground wire from one of the mounting fasteners to a frame member.
  3. Before removing from their original locations on the existing solenoid, tag each wire as follows: “S”, “R” and “B” (positive battery cable terminals). All cables can now be removed from the solenoid. Note: HEI ignitions do not have an "R" wire.
  4. Place the die-stamped jumper strip onto the starter mounted solenoid's “B” and "S" terminals to bridge these two connections.
  5. Fabricate new cables and wires to test fit routings and installation. DO NOT make connections with the battery – this is for fitment purposes only. Make a cable to connect the positive side of the existing solenoid to the newly mounted remote solenoid's larger terminals (copper). Keep in mind that the reason for this project is to stay away from heat generating sources, so route cables accordingly. Pay particular attention to moving parts (suspension components, cooling fans, etc) and route wires safely out of their way. Now make a cable to connect the remaining large terminal on the remote solenoid to the battery positive terminal. Again, DO NOT make connections with the battery -- this is for fitment purposes only.
  6. You will need to replace the wires that made the original connections with the switched power sources on the starter solenoid. Use the lengths of wire supplied with the remote solenoid kit: 16-gauge yellow wire - for the "R" connection (non-HEI), 16-gauge blue wire - for the "S" connection, 10-gauge red wire - for connections from positive "B". Note: In order to enjoy years of trouble-free service, we recommended soldering all terminals to their wires and wrapping them with electrical tape to prevent any shorts from contact with other components which could result in a short circuit.
  7. Finish the connections with the JEGS solenoid as follows : • “S” wire to “S” terminal stud • “R” wire to “I” terminal stud (non-HEI) • “B” wires to terminal studs with positive power cables. Note: If your vehicle was originally equipped with fusible links, you must re-install them between the "B" terminal wires and the positive battery cable connection. For vehicles not equipped with a fusible link, we have provided one with the kit. Use it for protection for your vehicles wiring harness.

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May 10, 2018
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