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10262 and 10263: Installation Instructions for Single or Dual Trunk-Mount Battery Kit

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Installation Instructions for 10262 and 10263 Single or Dual Trunk-Mount Battery Kit

  1. Read all of the instructions before beginning your installation.
  2. Locate a desirable position for the battery (batteries). Ideally the area behind the right rear tire is the best location for weight transfer. Make sure that the area beneath the selected location is clear of all brake lines, electrical wiring, frame, fuel cell (gas tank), fuel lines and spare tire before drilling.
  3. Using the battery tray(s) as a template, use a center punch to dimple the trunk floor and drill 11/32” holes.
  4. Secure the tray(s) to the floor with a minimum of four (4) 5/16” bolts per tray (not included).
  5. Insert the battery into the tray(s) and place the H-frame hold down over the top of the battery (batteries). Install the 3/8” threaded J-bolts with washers and secure them with the supplied wing nuts. To be legal for competition the J- bolt must be welded closed and the battery must be located behind a firewall in the trunk or hatch area.
  6. Select a route for the battery cables avoiding objects that might damage the cables. Route the positive cable to the engine compartment. If necessary, drill an 11/16” hole for a grommet to pass through the floor or firewall. Route the negative cable to the frame, roll bar or a tubing structure that protrudes into the trunk area in the same manner. Measure the desired length remembering to allow for any bends and for stripping the wire 3/4”. Do not attach any of the connectors to the cable until the cable has been routed through the grommet(s).
  7. Cut the cables to length, strip the end 3/4”, route through the grommet(s) and secure the cable end by soldering or crimping.
  8. Anchor the cables with the enclosed cable ties.
  9. Lastly, attach the negative cable to the frame or roll bar. Always remove any paint or debris and secure with 3/8” bolt and a lock or star-type washer. This will aid in charging and eliminate loosening from vibration transmitted through the frame.
single and double truck mount diagrams
Accessories that may assist you in the installation:
  1. The Jeg’s Thru Panel Connector #555-10317 may be used instead of the rubber grommet to run the positive cable to the solenoid or starter. Our connector has a stud and nut on both sides for quick and easy installation.
  2. An engine ground strap, if not already so equipped, is recommended to help eliminate charging and starting problems. Jeg’s #555-10302.
  3. On race-only type vehicles we recommend the Jeg’s Positive and Negative Charging Terminals #555-10315 and 555-10316 in addition to the Jeg’s Master Disconnect Switch and Faceplate #555-10305 and 555-10306. Also see the new billet switch handles and faceplates in Jeg’s catalog.

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May 10, 2018
Instruction Guides

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