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Installation Instructions for 10200 Universal Engine/Body Ground Strap Kit

  • (1) Braided Copper Ground Strap: 1/0 gauge x 14” long (for the engine ground)
  • (3) Braided Copper Ground Straps: 10 gauge x 11” long (for grounding the body)
  • (6) Self Tapping Screws: 1/4” x 3/4” long
  • (6) Serrated Washers: 1/4”
Items Needed for Installation (not included):
  • Electric drill with 1/8” drill bit 3/8”
  • Nut driver or ratchet with 3/8” socket
  • Bolts and/or nuts for attaching the large engine ground strap (if needed)

The large 1/0 strap will be used to achieve a proper ground between the engine and frame. Find an existing bolt on the engine to attach one end of the strap to. The opening on the lug will fit a 3/8” bolt or stud. Allow enough length to connect the other end to the frame or front crossmember. CAUTION: TAKE CARE TO KEEP GROUND STRAP OFF EXHAUST OR HEADER PIPES AND CLEAR OF ANY BELTS.

The 3 smaller 10 gauge ground straps include 1/4” hex head self tapping screws and serrated washers. The opening on the lugs will fit up to a 5/16” stud or bolt. These straps typically are used on these applications:

  • Firewall to frame which grounds the body
  • Dash to firewall (for cars with metal dashes) this will ground dash. (If your vehicle does not have a metal dash, this strap could go from dash core support to frame)
  • Tail panel or truck bed to frame which provides a ground for rear exterior lights.

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May 10, 2018
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